Lakeside Maple Leaf Vase

Glass Eye Studio is ecstatic to present a new take on a classic design. Starting with an obsolete mold acquired from Fenton Art Glass Company, our artists have reimagined the color and surface treatment to produce this stunning and significant piece.


An intertwined matte of Maple Leaves explode over the body of the vase, shimmering blue, purple, gold and auburn. Ever-changing with the angle of view, it paints the movement of leaves in the artist's mind.

The Maple tree symbolizes strength and abundance. This substantial piece exemplifies these traits standing over 9 inches and weighing in at 5 pounds. A sturdy vessel that will host many beautiful bouquets without tipping.


To create this piece, artists start with three layers of clear glass. One layer of cobalt glass provides the color. The mold must be at least 600 degrees F so the leaf pattern is defined on the surface of the glass, and then the vase is finished with a glossy, metallic fume. 

Soon to be followed by additional accessory pieces reinvented from Fenton Art Glass molds, the Maple Leaf Vase is a desirable gift that will be a center piece of beautiful and useful suite of vases. You can view and purchase it online here