An Age-Old Glassblowing Tradition

According to legend, an end-of-day weight is a glass object developed entirely by accident over a thousand years ago. At the end of the work day, glass blowers would collect the leftover scraps of color and combine them to create a new piece of art.

In honor of this tradition, Glass Eye Studio is proud to present the new End of Day Paperweight! 

This limited production paperweight is Glass Eye Studio's interpretation of the "End of Day" tradition. Collected scrap and trimmings from the production of current products are combined to create this unique art piece. Because of the nature of what's inside, every weight will have similarities, but no two will be identical. This weight will only be produced while materials are available, so order now to see the many variations that come from this historic theme!

The End of Day weight is extremely colorful! It pairs well with other rainbow-hued Glass Eye pieces, such as the Infinity Dichroic Egg and the Golden Rainbow Heart of Fire

The photo above shows an example of the colorful trimmings used in our End of Day paperweights, making each one a different kaleidoscope of shapes, textures and colors.