A Whimsical New Paperweight

The newest Environmental Series Paperweight from Glass Eye Studio is the Toadstool! This whimsical paperweight is based on the “fly agaric” mushroom, which is often shown in paintings as a backdrop for fairies, elves and gnomes.

Glass Eye Studio artists have captured the enchanting spirit of these classic scenes, portraying the colorful spotted toadstool dripping with morning dew. Legends say that if you ever find a group of these toadstools growing in a circle, you have found a “fairy ring,” formed by fairies dancing circles in the grass.

The playfulness and whimsy of the Toadstool Paperweight pairs perfectly with Glass Eye Studio's colorful rainbow ornaments! A perfect fit for Pride Month in June. 

For many edible mushrooms, June is also the start of foraging season in Canada and the USA! Mushrooms are increasingly popular not just as a food, but as a fun pattern in clothing and decor. You can purchase the Toadstool Paperweight here, or the matching Tree of Life Paperweight here