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Our Newest Celestial Ornament: Jupiter

The newest in our unique Celestial Ornaments Series is Jupiter! The size of 1,300 Earths, this ornament captures the mystery and beauty of the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter's majestic swirling gases are imitated by undulating, bold hues of orange and blue with gold dichroic glass. This ornament comes in a red and gold gift [...]

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Limited Edition Paperweight: Blue Phantasm

The new Blue Phantasm paperweight is available only for a limited time - all Blue Phantasm paperweights are made from one exclusive production run!   Made in cobalt blue glass with elements of blue dichroic glass, gold leaf inclusions and latticino cane, this unique piece comes in a blue velvet box and makes a great pairing with [...]

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Glass Eye's 40th Anniversary

It all began in a small shop on a street called Post Alley in the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Rob Adamson, the founder of Glass Eye Studio, dipped his blow pipe into a small furnace of molten glass, pulling out a draw of hot, fluid glass - like glowing honey on a stick. 40 years later [...]

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Making Memorials with Cremation Ashes

One of the most satisfying products made at Glass Eye Studio are glass memorials containing cremation ashes.Today we are making these in the hot shop, one at a time by hand. It takes a team of four people to create the keepsakes. Each craftsman has a specific job to do.The “Starter” begins each piece by gathering glass from [...]

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Changing the Crucible

Operating Glass Eye Studio requires a lot of activity behind the scenes to keep things rolling along smoothly.One of the routine tasks is changing the crucibles in our furnaces.Ceramic crucibles, or pots as they are sometimes called, are the vessels that hold molten glass inside the furnace.These crucibles breakdown over time due to the extreme temperatures involved in making cool glass [...]

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